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saffron-spanishSpanish-speaking residents of Richmond wanted to know more about Saffron Strand during the Healthy Eating Healthy Living Fair, August 15, at the Nevin Center. Eighth-grader Livier Juarez stepped forward to volunteer to provide Spanish-English translation services, becoming Saffron Strand’s youngest volunteer.

The Fair, sponsored by Brookside Community Health Center, offered barbecue, music, games, and educational classes, which focused on controlling diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, and asthma. Livier attended with her family and enjoyed the Fair, but also spent hours in the mid-day sun assisting Saffron Strand.

Livier became an expert at explaining Saffron Strand’s mission and philosophy in Spanish. She helped Spanish speakers complete the Saffron Strand Interest Survey, which confirms the need in the Hispanic community for new approaches to job skills building and employment readiness to reduce homelessness.

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