Become a Mentor or Board Member

Saffron Strand, Inc. is a unique, volunteer-based, non-profit membership organization that builds the job skills and increases employment of homeless adults and youth. Our Volunteer Mentors and Board Members contribute their time, professional skills, and wisdom to help our homeless members get back to work for the long term.

Our Volunteer Mentors support the Saffron Strand mission by working one-on-one with our members, helping them to re-enter the workforce and sustain their employment.

Key responsibilities: Saffron Strand Volunteer Mentors have the following responsibilities, which they perform following Covid-prevention protocols:

  • Mentoring Saffron Strand members on a one-on-one basis as they prepare to re-enter the workforce, sustain a current job, or seek to advance in employment
  • Assisting members in a range of skills, including but not limited to computer use, resume writing, cover letter writing, job searches, and job interview practice
  • Learning and following the Saffron Strand Model of employment-focused personal development
  • Working as a team member in Saffron Strand’s intentional community, which is dedicated to getting everyone back to work in jobs that lead to rewarding careers
  • Understanding the needs of individual members and adjusting mentorship to fit their specific needs
  • Motivating members to develop their individual “saffron” qualities to gain marketable skills, increase their employability, re-enter the workforce, and sustain employment
  • Maintaining ethnical behavior and personal boundaries
  • Following and demonstrating by personal example the Saffron Strand motto of Dignity, Respect, Trust

Reports to: Saffron Strand Program Coordinator

Time commitment: 4 hours per day for 1 day per week

Qualifications: A Saffron Strand Volunteer Mentor has the following qualifications:

  • Technical skills useful in the current job market, including basic computer skills and internet skills
  • Soft skills, including patience and kindness, which are necessary for working with traumatized, vulnerable people
  • Good language and communication skills (bilingual skill a plus)
  • Ethical behavior and ability to maintain personal boundaries
  • Resume

Support: Orientation and training for this opportunity is provided.

Dress code: Casual

Benefits: A Saffron Strand Volunteer Mentor receives the following benefits:

  • Certificate of Volunteer Mentor Service
  • Professional career counseling
  • Resume and cover letter assistance
  • Job interview and presentation practice
  • Letters of recommendation

For more information about Volunteer Mentor opportunities at Saffron Strand, please email info@saffronstrand.org.

Members of our Board of Directors work with the President and CEO to support Saffron Strand’s mission and ensure Saffron Strand’s long-term success as a unique, all-volunteer, non-profit membership organization.

We welcome new Board Members with diverse backgrounds, professional and business skills, and practical work experience. Volunteer service on the Board of Directors involves willingness to commit significant time, thought, and effort in support of our unique mission and programming. Board Member responsibilities include:

  • Vision and planning: The Board works with the President and CEO, and possibly other volunteer staff, to advance the vision and mission of Saffron Strand, and to develop specific plans for its future. Board meetings take place at Saffron Strand, Inc. six times per year.
  • Policy development: To support Saffron Strand’s mission, the Board helps develop organizational policy, which Volunteer Mentors and Staff use to meet the goals of the organization and provide service to our homeless members.
  •  Funding leadership: It is the joint responsibility and task of the Board and the President and CEO to raise the funds necessary to support Saffron Strand.
  •  Financial oversight: The Board’s responsibility for budget oversight balances the responsibility of raising funds. Board Members can review Saffron Strand’s expenditures and income during Board meetings and oversee annual audits.
  • Recruitment of Volunteer Mentors and Board Members: Volunteer service is a strength and essential element in the success of Saffron Strand programming. Board Members have a responsibility to help attract and inform potential Volunteer Members and new Board Members.
  • Self-Assessment: The Board needs to conduct self-critiques to determine its effectiveness, which Board Member review together on an annual basis.
  • Planning and implementing public relations: Board Members, along with Volunteer Mentors and homeless members, are part of Saffron Strand’s intentional community devoted to getting all homeless members back to work for the long term. The active participation of Board Members in the community at large helps ensure that Saffron Strand gains public visibility and sustains its high reputation for effective, responsible, ethical community service.

Helping to lead Saffron Strand and fulfilling the responsibilities of a Board Member takes time and commitment. Saffron Strand depends on its Board of Directors to help ensure the success and long-term stability of our unique, all-volunteer non-profit.

For more information about becoming a Saffron Strand Board Member, please contact us at info@saffronstrand.org with your interest, resume, and any questions.