Comments of Saffron Strand members, who joined as homeless adults and others who have worked with Saffron Strand:


“I love Saffron Strand! I love, respect, and admire everyone that I work with. I appreciate the new work skills that I am receiving at Saffron Strand. Saffron Strand provides me the opportunity to find out what my strengths are. I am doing a lot of things that I have not done before and loving it!”
Beverly Wyche


“Saffron Strand has helped me out of my illness. I no longer question my ability to be gainfully employed and to return to the workforce as a productive member.”
Amanda Pruitt


“Saffron Strand is a place that feels like home which encourages and motivates you to want to do more and be more.”
Keneithia Resino


“Saffron Strand is a great program. It provides a comfortable and friendly environment while helping with housing and job experience and encouraging you to stay productive. I have been in several programs, Saffron Strand is the only one that takes the time with you with one-one-one help and really getting to know you.”
Tiffany Scott