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The new Saffron Strand Center has come fully up-to-speed with a total of 10 web-linked computer workstations, more than double the capacity of the previous location. Saffron Strand’s homeless members got to work quickly in the expanded training facility and career staging area.

The Center is in ground-floor professional office space near the center of Point Richmond. In addition to the new workstations, there is lots of natural light, larger conference space, and a family-style dining area. It’s a great place to begin the transition off the streets and back to work.

The Center is home to a unique “intentional community” dedicated to getting all its homeless members back into the workforce for the long term. At the Center, members overcome their barriers to employment and learn tech-savvy, marketable job skills as they work side-by-side with volunteer staff and mentors to run the Center and organize Saffron Strand’s Annual Homeless Workforce Conference.

More than ever, Saffron Strand’s new Center embodies the organization’s core values of Dignity, Respect, Trust.

Belief, commitment, and dedication to Saffron Strand’s unique mission have been vital to the success of getting homeless people off the streets and back to work. Thanks to all who have supported the cause!

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