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The homeless can and often do succeed in working their way out of homelessness and poverty. But barriers to employment confront them from the start and threaten at every turn along the way.

These barriers can overwhelm already vulnerable people:

  • Lack of education and marketable skills
  • Poor job history
  • Criminal record
  • Mental health and substance abuse problems
  • Many, many more personal and societal barriers

How do we help the homeless and others who are hard to employ move beyond the barriers and get back to work?

Saffron Strand’s 6th Annual Homeless Workforce Conference, June 15-16, in Richmond, CA focuses on the absolute necessity of specialized employment services training for professionals and others who work with vulnerable people who want to re-enter the workforce.

Our 2015 Conference provides unique continuing education for those working in the fields of employment, health care, and housing services — everyone assisting the homeless, hard-to-employ, and long-term unemployed. For details, click here.

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